For Men

 Hand Repair
Thai Stem Man-iCure
1 hour $65

Executive Buff & Shine Man-iCure
1 hour $56

Urban Man-iCure
45 minutes $46

Foot Repair
Thai Stem Pedicure
1 ¼ hours $95

Executive Foot Repair
1 ¼ hours $80

Urban Foot Repair
1 hour $70

Smooth Moves Hair Removal
Waxing services **
Brow Detail $20
Underarms $30
Back $49
Chest & Abdomen $49
Back, Chest & Abdomen $89

** Please note, our staff are not certified to perform waxing on male genitalia.

Stress Buster Relaxation Massage
90 minute massage $120
60 minute massage $100
45 minute massage $80

Jade Stone Massage
90 minute massage $150
60 minute massage $125

Face Repair      
*Please shave no less than two hours before your service.

Youth Facial
1 ¼ hours $140
Results are visible from the first treatment. Perfect for skin that needs intense exfoliation, this wrinkle-correcting treatment visibly smooths, firms and lifts.

Purifying Facial
1 ¼ hours $130
The solution for thick and oily skin with blemishes, regardless of age, this treatment leaves skin matte while unblocking pores and regulating excess sebum.

Hydration Facial
1 ¼ hours $130
This effective, deeply hydrating treatment nourishes dry and dehydrated skin that feels tight. Hydrating serums and masks infuse skin with moisture, creating a plumping effect.

Urban Relief Facial
1 ¼ hours $130
This personalized treatment is ideal for city dwellers: it renews complexions that are dull and uneven in tone. Skin feels fresh and renewed.   

Service Packages

Executive Repair Package
2 ¼ hours $131
A deluxe detailing for hands and feet, this package includes an Executive Buff & Shine Man-iCure and Executive Foot Repair.

Urban Repair Package
1 ¾ hours $111
The standard maintenance package includes an Urban Man-iCure and Urban Foot Repair.

For Young Gentlemen (ages 5 to 10)
Junior Executive Man-iCure 30 minutes $36
Junior Executive Foot Repair
45 minutes $46
Skin Refresher Facial Treatment 45 minutes $90