Saving Face

Beverly Ashdown facials are more than just beauty treatments.  Each facial begins with a personal consultation to determine the best course of treatment to achieve your desired outcome. Our skin changes constantly due to factors including climate, stress and aging. Therefore, while you will enjoy an improved complexion with one treatment, a series of treatments will result in the noticeable long-lasting results you are seeking.

All of our facials allow a 15 minute consultation period, which allows us to customize your facial to your unique skin needs.

Rejuvenation Facial   
1¼ hours               $ 169 
This beauty-boosting treatment uses the power of NuFACE micro current and cold light laser to lift and tone for visible anti-aging results.  A collagen mask plumps your complexion to further reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Continue your experience at home. Receive $20 off your purchase of a NuFACE Trinity Pro facial trainer kit the same day as your facial treatment.

Extended Youth Facial
1¼ hours $140
Three key steps resurface your skin, fill wrinkles and restructure the face.  A marine smoothing and firming mask completes this natural “mini facelift”.

White Lumination Facial
1¼ hours $140
Achieve an immediate burst of radiance with a powerful combination of marine AHA’s and fruit acids for a glowing complexion and reduced dark spots. Extractions cannot be performed with this facial.

Soothing Facial
1¼ hours $130
This soothing beauty treatment softens and heightens the natural defences of skin that is sensitive or prone to redness.

Hydra Blue Hydrating Facial
1¼ hours $130

Active products with sensorial textures and a relaxing massage perfectly balance deep moisturization and intense hydration. Your complexion will be fresh, soft and dewy.

Urban Relief Facial
1¼ hours $130
Make the skin of city dwellers completely healthy with a personalized treatment for tired skin and uneven complexions.

Acnipur Facial
1¼ hours $130
A deep cleansing combines with a purifying mask to limit blemishes, tighten pores and mattify your skin.

Skin Refresher Facial
¾ hour   $90
Perk up your complexion with this quick mini-facial. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and moisturizing. Does not include extractions.


Marine Back Treatment
15 minutes $25  

Begin your facial treatment with a relaxing light touch back massage, then lie back on a self-heating, bubbling marine mud mask that is removed at the end of your service. Can be added to any facial service.

Facial Peel
½ hour   $70

Peels can be used alone or combined with a facial for more dramatic results.  Facial peels are among the most effective treatments to combat signs of aging, and help greatly to reduce acne and acne scarring. Does not include extractions.

Cold Light Therapy
1 hour    $150

Light therapy will greatly improve the look and feel of your skin. Includes deep cleansing, toning, customized serum, and moisturizing.

Micro-Refine Treatment
45 minutes         $125
This microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates facial skin to address pigmentation, clogged pores, fine lines and scars, and includes a deeply hydrating collagen mask.

Facial Consultation
½ hour   $35

Allow our skilled estheticians to discuss your skin care needs and answer all of your questions. The consultation requires that a medical profile be completed.