Corona Awareness

To our valued guests,

The Team at Beverly Ashdown Day Spa values the health and safety of all our guests and team members.  We want to reassure you that considering the recent news of the coronavirus, we are performing our due diligence, as we always do, to ensure everyone’s safety, and as always is of high priority.

We are compliant with the Government of Saskatchewan’s Best Management Practices for safety regulations and have passed stringent health inspections. We continue to use only Health Canada approved hospital grade disinfectant and sterilant on all our implements and equipment as well as any surfaces you may come in contact with.

We respectfully ask that you help us out by washing your hands upon arrival of any services, as hand sanitizers are only effective on clean hands, and to reschedule your reservations for 2 weeks if you have recently travelled outside the country or are not feeling well.

We thank you for your support, and as always look forward to serving you safely and responsibly.

Yours in good health,

The Team at Beverly Ashdown