Massage & Body Treatments

All massages are relaxation massages performed by estheticians and therefore may not be covered by insurance. All massages begin with a Marine Immersion inhalation to calm and help relax you. Please refrain from waxing or shaving 24 hours before your body treatment service. Shaving can leave microscopic cuts in skin and waxing can leave the skin more sensitive and prone to irritation.

Aroma-Luxe Massage      
45 / 60  / 90 minutes  $80 / $100 / $120

The essential oil blend of your choice is infused into the massage lotion to achieve your desired effect.  Massages conclude with an application of Mercy MSM cream to instantly stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.

Marine Mud Massage
45 / 60 / 90 minutes     $100 / $120 / $140
Truly a delight to the senses.  Begin your experience by reclining onto a self-heating detoxifying marine mud back mask, then enjoy your relaxation massage.

Jade Stone Massage
60 / 90 minutes     $125 / $150
This specialty treatment uses polished Jade Stones of different sizes and shapes. Heated placement stones rest on pressure points to deeply warm muscles. Hot and cold massage stones are alternated to stimulate circulation, release toxins, reduce inflammation, and re-balance the body. 

Thai Herbal Stem Massage
90 minutes $155
This treatment incorporates elements of Swedish and Lomi-Lomi massages as well as Thai stretching techniques. A traditional Thai massage tool, the cotton stem bundle works gently to release toxins, increase circulation, relax muscles and release knots during an incredibly therapeutic treatment. This traditional massage has been adapted for the massage table.

Indian Head Massage
30 minutes $50
This massage is performed while the guest is seated, clothed, and treats the head, neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. Safe and simple, it can help alleviate tension, eye strain, migraine headaches, congestion and insomnia, while stimulating blood flow and draining toxins.

Hydration Wrap
1 hour $120
Your body wrap begins with a brisk dry oil body buff, followed by a rich hydrating body mask. When your wrap is removed, the remaining mask is gently massaged into your soft, smooth skin for long-lasting results.

*At the time of booking, add to any body wrap a 45-minute Skin Refresher Facial for $90 or a 15-minute NuFace micro current mini “face-lift” for $25.

Phytomer Firming Body Wrap
1 hour $120
Employing highly effective French marine products, this body wrap begins with a salt crystal exfoliation. An active algae gel stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, leaving you feeling toned and firm.

Phytomer Remineralizing Body Wrap 
1 hour $120
Your experience begins with a full-body marine salt exfoliation. The wrap cocoons you in an active gel rich in essential oils of ylang-ylang, lavender, basil, sage and sandalwood, plus re-mineralizing trace elements.

Phytomer Satin Shimmer
45 minutes $90
Exfoliation with marine salt crystals combines with a moisturizing massage for a body-beautifying treatment that leaves skin smooth.

Add On
Body Buff 30 minutes $65
A dry oil body buff and warm towel treatment added to any massage.