Phytomer Skin Care

3 passionate generations

The sound of the sea, the power of the waves, the cool, salty breeze…

It all began in Brittany, on the west coast of France, in 1972. There, in the gentle bay of Saint-Malo, a young entrepreneur named Jean Gédouin looked out to the sea.

PHYTOMER, a pioneer in marine biotechnology

We are inspired by scientific research and by the beauty of the sea. To combine these passions, PHYTOMER created a unique laboratory entirely dedicated to marine biotechnologies. A laboratory where human synergies are combined to push the boundaries of research ever further.

PHYTOMER scientists are the first in the world to cultivate the sea in the laboratory to amplify its power for the skin. They create high-quality, ecologically responsible formulas by controlling every step from discovery of the active ingredient to production of the final product.

The sea is the reason for our existence.

Our history and our lives are closely intertwined with what surrounds us every day: the sea. We love it passionately and it serves us well. Thanks to the sea, we are able to develop exclusive high-quality products by controlling each step, from discovery of the active ingredient to production of the final product. Our scientific breakthroughs allow us to respect and protect its exceptional biodiversity.

An authentic, natural and living beauty

We believe there is nothing to add to a woman’s beauty. We simply strive to renew it through the fascinating powers of the sea. Our commitment is to offer you, each and every day, a replenishing beauty experience, in complete affinity with your skin. PHYTOMER products offer divine textures, subtle fragrances and sophisticated packaging.