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Hand poured soy wax candles are our passion. Each candle is developed specially for the best burning experience possible out of skin safe materials. 

What is a soy candle?
A soy candle is made from soybean wax.  Wax of the soy bean is non-toxic, naturally-occurring, biodegradable, renewable sustainable resource.  a 100% soy candle burns cleaner, cooler, slower and more evenly than traditional petroleum-based and/or paraffin based wax candles.  our candles are made with only 100% soy wax infused with botanical oil. Warning if a soy candle does not say 100% soy and says its a blend, chances are you are buying a paraffin blended candle

What should you know about burning soy candles safely?
Soy candles should only be burned responsibly and properly.  Be sure to read carefully all instructions on the warning label found on our candles.  

How to store soy candles
Store your candles in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.  Soy candles discolor and fade when they are exposed to intense light for extended periods of time. Do not display your soy candles in  sunlight, fluorescent light or other strong illumination. 

What is the best way to care for my candle wick?
Always keep your wick trimmed to 1/4" to keep candles from smoking.  Soy candles do not emit toxins but if the wick is too long or the candle is burning for more than three hours, the wick may smoke and cause soot to form.  This is NOT the same as the toxic soot left from paraffin candles.  If the candle is not burned in the appropriate size of room for the size of candle, the aroma will not disperse and you will not be able to smell the aromas.  For example our 8 oz sierra is great for a 10x10 room, whereas if the room is larger more than one candle may be required for there to be pleasing scent throw..

What kind of wick do we use?

We use either HTP wick, which is a high temperature paper core wick or RRD wick, which is a cotton hollow core wick.  Why two different types of wick? Well each fragrance has its own personality and each container can require a different type of wick  so we test and test to make sure you get the best possible burning experience

What kind of wick do we use? Can I refill my jar candle when it is empty?
Glass accumulates lumps, bumps and scratches as it is used and this weakens the glass.  So we do not recommend refilling them with wax.  They make for great catch-alls for cotton balls, pencils etc...Most recycling centers will accept your empty jar as well

Why is there oil on the top of my container candles?

This is called soy sweat.  Since soy bean wax has a lower melt point than paraffin wax, it can release excess moisture that it can hold (usually due to extreme temperature changes)  You can leave it or wipe it out with paper towel.  It will disappear after your first burn.  It will NOT affect the burn quality or scent throw of your soy candle.  Our soy candles are highly scented and they are more likely to sweat, do not worry.  This is just excess fragrance oils coming to the surface. The only way we can guarantee no sweat is to add chemicals and that is simply not what we are providing in our soy candles

What makes the candles turn yellow?
We don't add additives to our soy candles, so there are several things that can cause your candle to turn yellow after time.  Fluorescent lights, direct sunlight, or other strong lighting.

Why is there sometimes frosting in soy candles?
Soy wax is a natural substance that in itself has it's own natural traits.  Natural wax often produces a frosted look similar to "mottling" or what some call "star-bursts" or "cauliflower".  This natural vegetable base is much like chocolate and reacts like chocolate when warmed and cooled.  This is a natural characteristic and should not be considered a flaw.  We want to keep the pureness of the soybean wax therefore out soy candles do not contain chemicals to prohibit this effect.

How do we make our soy candles?
We live outside of Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada on an acreage.  We have a studio that we HAND POUR each and every candle. Each scent is tested and every effort is made to be sure that what you smell is what you get when you burn one of our soy candles

Flame too small and/or not getting enough scent throw?
Soy candles have a memory.  When burning your soy candle for the very first time, it is extremely important that you give it a "memory" burn.  You should burn your candle for at least one hour for each inch of diameter.  This is your melt pool.  This allows your soy candle to establish a full melt pool increasing the scent throw of your candle.  If a soy candle isn't given a proper memory burn, meaning burning it for too short a period of time, it will only burn down the center, a tunnel burn and good scent throw will not be achieved. To get the maximum scent throw you should have half and inch of melted wax across your entire container

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